Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

25202 Springwood Lake Drive - 25202 Springwood Lake Drive, Katy, TX, USA

Bring your baskets, your bags, your pails! Be kids again as you explore the  egg hunt zone to find the hidden eggs. What will you receive? Yummy
candy? An amazing prize?

The pesky details:

You must purchase a ticket to gain entry to the egg hunt zone. (1 ticket = 1 hunt)

Each hunt is 2 minutes and has a maximum of 10 persons.

Each person is allowed up to 10 eggs per hunt.

No flashlights or phone camera lights will be allowed. You will be issued a light to use while you hunt.

After every 3rd hunt, the area will be refreshed with additional eggs.

There will be a minimum of 15 hunts before the Egg Mania Event.

The Egg Mania Event requires a separate ticket to enter.

Egg Mania Event Details:

The Egg Mania Event is a free for all hunt at the end of the event. This event typically starts at 8:45 PM. All remaining eggs will be placed
into the Egg Hunt Zone for the Egg Mania Event.  The Egg Mania Event is 5 minutes long and there is no limit on the number
of eggs you can collect while you are in the Egg Mania Event. 

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